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Hertl is a game that was inspired by Wordle, except instead of predicting words, it uses a database to make predictions on NHL players. Another name for this competition is "NHL." You are free to have fun and unwind right now!

After the game of the day is over, Hertl will not allow the player to play any of their prior games again. When you have identified the hidden participant in the Hertl game, you are free to share it throughout your various social media networks.

The objective for Hertl is to identify the NHL player properly within eight of his attempts. You will be provided with a list of players that you can join, and in order to take control of the Hertl player role, you must select one from the list. Every participant has their very unique set of hints. Each day, a mysterious new player is added to the game!



  • Try to identify the NHL player with the fewest number of guesses possible.
  • A present participant in fantasy sports will take on the role of the solution player.
  • After each of your guesses, the distance between you and the other player will be included into the decision of what color the tiles will be.
  • Any column that is green contains a match.
  • The color yellow indicates the precise assembly, but not the precise division inside the column of divisions.
  • Yellow signifies that the player is within 2 inches of the correct number in the country, age, and location columns respectively.
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