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Evil Wurdle

Evil Wurdle

Evil Wurdle has the same objective as Wordle, but the choices you make will be different. You can generate words to share with your friends and then guess what those words are.

The player has six opportunities to guess the correct word. If you are able to comprehend it, Evil will tell you how difficult the problem was to solve. After that, it will give you the option of sharing it across your various social networks. You are only allowed to play it a few times!

Your very own personal Evil Wurdle puzzle gives you the opportunity to construct word sentences from scratch. You have access to a wide variety of options, including word length, time mode, devil or angel mode, and even the ability to select word length.

There is no set of default words. Evil Wurdle examines all 5-letter words that match your predictions, and then decides which matching pattern will produce the most words possible by selecting the best possible match. You need to try as many different possibilities as you can before you find the word. You can uncover the hidden words by posting your findings on social media platforms. Try to guess what kind of evil you are thinking.



The solution to this Evil Wurdle puzzle is not difficult at all. You will have six opportunities to successfully complete the challenge. You are welcome to discuss your solutions if you are successful in deciphering the word.

  • You need only give it five or six tries to figure out the code word. Everything is dependent on the mode that you choose to use.
  • Every single attempt needs to be a valid 5- or 6-letter word.
  • After each guess, the letters' colors will shift to show how much closer they are to being the correct spelling of the word.
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