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Dangle refers to the daily game of guessing that hockey players participate in. This game is given a variety of nuances as a result of the combination of Wordle and Poeltl. Try to guess a different mysterious person each day!

This game is more entertaining than Wordle's 6 guesses, which is saying a lot. You will now have 8 opportunities to guess, up from the previous total of 6. You could also guess any player from the NHL. You can give it a shot right now to find out how many times your predictions are correct. I would appreciate it if you could tell your friends about this result.

On our website, you can also play Wordle in a variety of different iterations. Just chill out and enjoy yourself!



  • If you have 8 guesses, you can correctly identify any active NHL player.
  • If there is a green box next to the attribute, it indicates that it has been checked for accuracy!
  • If the yellow box next to your age indicates that you are within two years of that age, then congratulations! In the number column, this indicates that the number you entered is within the range of the next five numbers.
  • During their career, the team in question fielded the services of the enigmatic player at one point or another. The yellow box in the team column draws attention to this particular point.
  • There is not a shade that bares any resemblance to the qualities possessed by the enigmatic player.
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